22 June

Hey Mouse Victims: They Really Have Invented A Better Mousetrap This Time

by Jon Katz

I know we’ve all heard this before, but I think this time they really have invented a better mouse trap. Victor has a new trap they call a human (quick) kill, this is a trap that is very simple to use and that makes it impossible for a mouse to make off with the food and still be alive.

In our family, we rehome spiders, but we have no mercy on mice. This trap appears to be all it is advertised to be. You put the bait in a small covered area with a tiny roof and close it (the mice can smell it, there is just enough room for them to stick their heads in), and when they do, the trap slams down on them, killing them instantly.

There is no way for them to eat the food and get away. It is so easy to use that I figured it out the first time around without even looking at the instructions. That is saying something for me.

The mice have been on a rampage in the parlor opening the dog food bags and hiding kibble in the laundry. I’ve declared war on them. ┬áThree of these new traps (I got them at John Reiger’s Country Power Products store today) will go out tonight. I put one out this morning, but Bud smelled it and pulled it off the shelf, scaring himself half to death. He recovered and tried again.

I’ll report back tomorrow.


  1. Bud should be earning his living by catching the mice for you. My terriers have all been great mouses — kind of canine versions of barn cats. The only problem is they like to put the carcasses in their toy baskets and get upset when I throw them out. “Catch your own damn mouse!”

  2. Victor has done well re-designing and upgrading their traps of all types! Good for you, bad for mice and rats. We have been using Victor’s newer *Tom Cat* rat trap series (similar to your new mouse traps) for under our house…….with good success. Safer to set and deal with than the old fashion *snap* traps. I believe much like you and Maria, we are animal friendly here………except for mice and rats!
    Susan M

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