22 June

Thanks, We Got The Four Tablets. They Are On Their Way

by Jon Katz

I’m happy to report that we got the four tablets we asked for to be used in the new media center by Paryese Bates Becker, the new Activities Director.

Paryese asked me to thank those of you who donated, we know this is getting more difficult for people.

Her idea, which I think is long overdue, is to have a media center that the residents can use individually, without having to be in a scheduled group.

The Mansion has been trying to do this over the years, but it’s difficult; the residents come and go, some get sick and die, and some leave for nursing homes, some lose their tablets, some vanish or are damaged beyond repair.

We don’t have the money to replace them or repair them. Some, I should add, work beautifully and transform lives.

Some pads and tablets get broken or lost, and a few have just disappeared.

So we are trying again.

A single donor sent a generous donation that put this effort over the top, and the four tablets – $104 each – will go directly to Paryese at The Mansion.

Once we get some tech help, we’ll hook them up. They should arrive early next week. I’ll be there to get some photos.

I’ll photograph them, put them up on the blog, and show them being used.

I’ll follow how the media center idea goes. It’s a big deal. I can’t thank our donor enough.

With the donation I got this afternoon – the donor has not permitted me to use his name – I got the money I asked for and several hundred more.

That overage will go into the beleaguered Mansion Fund. That is used for resident emergencies such as a need for underwear or shoes or warm clothes.

And I will spend the rest to help the new Activities Center get anything else they need. I hope to see it tomorrow. I’ll let you know.

I understand these are challenging times and will continue to be careful about what I ask for, what it costs, and open about every purchase I make.

Thanks for your support; the Army Of Good has never been more valuable.

This is a harsh and suspicious, and angry time in our country; I cling to my belief that it is better to do good than argue about what interest is.

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