17 July

Photo Journal, Sunday, July 17: Color And Light. A Holy Way To Start The Day. I’m Starting To Feel Like An Artist

by Jon Katz

I’ve found the most beautiful way to start my day, I go barefoot outside (sometimes naked, if the light is just right) and take photos of flowers.

I have been a warrior for color and light all my life, perhaps because I grew up in darkness. I appreciate color and light. Joseph Campbell wrote that the artist’s role is to bring color and light to people.

I like that; maybe it fits. As I accept myself more and more as an artist, I try to understand what that means. I brought a Sunday bouquet into the house this morning. I’m keeping my promise of flowers in the house all summer.

Tuesday, I’m taking a bouquet to our Men’s Group Meeting, whether anybody shows up or not.

The Red Lilies just came up yesterday; they take my breath away if I get close.


The poppies are graceful and beautiful at the time time.

The Red Lillies, again. Hard to grasp such beauty.


The fancy geraniums have arrived and made themselves felt.

Get ready; the Orange Gladiolas are about to open up in my garden.

(I entered the soul of a second gladiola and was awed.)


(Daughters of the sun are what I called these two Zinnias. They were shouting at me to pay attention.)

(My Sunday bouquet on the dining room table is just for us.)


  1. I love these photos. It makes me feel like I am going right inside the flower and one with it.

  2. There’s just something special about flowers. Once a week I treat myself to a bouquet from our farmers market. They brighten up my kitchen. Your flowers are the essence of summer. Whether white, yellow or deep pink, they are all gorgeous. I don’t remember when you first got interested in photography but I’m glad you kept at it. These are a feast for the eyes.

  3. The flower pictures a la Georgia O’Keeffe are stunning, Jon. I’ve been using some of your photos to make note cards for years, but these are the best yet. Namaste.

  4. just so beautiful, Jon. Just when I think nothing could BE more beautiful, you post another photo that tops it (in my opinion). I am wondering about your cameras …..the Leica and your iPhone. Occaisionally you note which camera you used for a specific photo, but rarely……would it be too much to ask? or too inconvenient? for you to note this ……….perhaps not ALL the time, but more often? It would interest me……… Thanks!
    Susan M

    1. Susan, it’s a good idea if I remember to do it, it’s not too much to to ask; I’ll try to do it from now on. All these photos were taken either by the Iphone 13 or by a Leica 2 (or Monochrome). The large ones tend to be the Iphone photos, the Leica isn’t great at very close range; it’s more of a scene camera. It shouldn’t be difficult for me to do that once I get into the habit, and thanks for asking.

  5. You should make note cards with the floral pictures. They are so gorgeous. Everyone would buy them.

  6. Jon,
    As a long time lily fan (I used to have many many. Then the voles found them so now I only have the ones left in pots they couldn’t get at to eat). Anyway, just want to mention that Lily pollen stains like crazy and if you try to brush it off while it’s still soft it makes it worse. If(when) you get some on you, just wait until it’s dry and then blow it off. Florists frequently remove the anther before they sell them. It’s the dark parts that look like mini French bread on a stick in the middle of the flower. As they just opened they’re not shedding yet but it won’t be long. Maybe that won’t bother you but when you see a bright yellow-orange blot on something at least you will know how it got there, haha

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