26 August

Flower Surprises in The August Garden Bed. They Keep Coming. I’m In Awe Of Their Beauty

by Jon Katz

I was surprised to see a surging rebirth in my garden this morning, late blooming Zinnias and color-crazed Zinnia popping up all over the place. I’m glad; I’m not yet done taking flower photos for a while.

When I think my flower summer is ending, it pops up differently. Some flowers wait until late August and September, as most gardeners know. I didn’t.



These are different kinds of begonia. Today, yellow seeds were sprouting all over the plants.

I have a late-planted small rose bush; it looks like a ballet in pink.


My memorial garden is going strong. My nasturtium rescue planting is thriving, and I am reminded daily to think of the children murdered in their classrooms all over America. If we can’t protect them, we can at least remember them.

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