25 September

Flower Of The Day. I Can Get Smarter As I Get Older

by Jon Katz

It was a cloudy, overcast day, and when I went outside to check on my flower beds, this beautiful red Begonia was staring me in the face. I ran inside to get the Leica 2.

I took the photo with that camera; no camera I have comes close to the richness and detail of this one.

I also took it into Lightroom and used the color enhancement system to bring out the red in this white flower. On such a cloudy day, it was dimmer than usual.

I am learning to deal with the absence of the light I love.

In so doing, I recreated the sun and used it to bring out the color against the green backdrop. It’s a perfect use of Lightroom, which I use once or twice weekly.

With these flowers, I rarely need any enhancement.

On a day with no sun, Lightroom is especially valuable.

I am learning exactly when to use the Leica Monochrome, the Leica 2, and the Iphone Max 13 Pro Max, and I am fortunate to have three cameras like this to choose from; I never imagined having these tools.

I’m also using the settings better. I’m learning to stop and think before I hit the shutter. And to try different locations. That’s the best way to learn, at least for me.

I realized I didn’t have enough technical knowledge of the cameras or Lightroom to do what I wanted to do, so I took some classes for the first time in my adult life.

It’s true; we can’t help but get smarter when we get older.


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