17 February

Adjusting My Orthotic Brace. Science Is Amazing Sometimes, I Believe In It. It Has Me Walking Again

by Jon Katz

Today, I got another lesson in advanced medical technology and science; I met with David Missiner of CPO Clinical Prosthetics and Orthotics. He went to school to learn body movement and orthotics, and he knows his stuff.

I went to make one or two adjustments to my new orthotic brace, which has so far been wonderfully effective at straightening my left foot when I walk and also padding the orthotic beneath my toe to control or eliminate the callous that can keep a wound from healing and cause infections in the foot.

I asked David if he could pad two areas – one right at the center of the arch, and the second, just behind where the toes press against the orthotics. He took it to his machine room and cut out a second orthotic to sit underneath the first one. It felt like I was walking on a cushion.

He cut out another orthotic insert to further soften the new orthotic I could feel the difference. He has the equipment to do it.

I feel good about this brace; it was painless from the first and comfortable walking in. I can’t take walks for a couple of weeks until the foot gets used to the shoe, ┬ábut I can easily walk around the farm and into town.

David told me to call anytime the brace needs adjusting or when the velcro wears down. He is fun to work with, open, and happy to talk about how he does what he does. I wish I could repeat it, but it was a delight to watch it.

It seems simplistic, but I’ve learned that the less I complain about things like this, the faster they heal and the better I’ll do. I’m no Superman; life will catch up with me and everyone else, but not yet. Not quite yet.

Maria was with me, and afterward, we stopped at a new restaurant outside of Saratoga Springs and ordered lean hamburgers on wheat wraps – the first hamburgers either of us had had in months. The excursion was fun. I’m struggling with a nasty head cold and might have to take some sick time this weekend. We’ll see how it goes.

As soon as the cold eases up, I’ll try some walking. It’s time.

It’s just too cold and wet to go outside and take pictures.


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