17 February

Flower Sharing, February 17, 2023

by Jon Katz

The only fitting response to a thunderstorm is to share a flower from last summer. It’s going to be rainy and gloomy for much of the day, so this is a good start.


  1. Just read your book about Frieda. In tears here. I had a Dottie/ shepherd mix. Wonderful dog. After her a shepherd/ husky and a rottie/ pit. My last last dog a red nose pit. I took away from street hoods who were fighting them. He passed last year. We still heartbroken. God bless you brother sir. I retired FDNY I suffer from ptsd and many illnesses from 911. We planning next year I pray get a lil farm too. Park slope Bklyn where I born is a changed neighborhood. Need quiet and peace. Take care SIR

  2. I plan to have a small farm soon I’m looking for lease to purchase in West virginia mountais . I’ve been following you for a short while I enjoy it I’m not good at writing to others I do better in person I have a shitzu he’s the teddy bear breed he’s my everything my whole world.

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