18 March

Good Morning, A Full Day. My Blue Sky Is Back (Sort Of)

by Jon Katz

My Blue Sky reappeared after a long absence. I missed it. Soon, I’ll head over to Emma and Robin’s AirBnB apartment to bring them here for breakfast.

We have a full agenda, feeding chickens and donkeys, heading out to a rock and crystal shop (I’m getting Maria, Emma, and Robin a stone or crystal), then lunch at the new Laotian restaurant.

Robin and Emma are going back to New York Sunday. I’ll read another book or two to Robin, and I have some pictures I love to sort through. More later. Maria and I will have a quiet cup of tea together before the excitement starts.

We are a little low today; a good and much-loved friend is very sick.

Bedlam Farm is working its magic on my granddaughter. Photos later. Robin saw and built the first snowman in her young life. It was a sweet thing to see; Maria showed her how to do it.

I told Maria to never again tell me she wasn’t good with children.


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