5 May

This Week Is Ending Beautifully. Flowers, Stitches, Folisada Support, Green Grass

by Jon Katz

The week is ending beautifully. The flowers I planted early in my garden beds are thriving; they got through the cold with flying colors and are blooming with beauty. I’m going to plant some more flowers this weekend.

The big news for me is Flosade, the Bishop Gibbons refugee senior heading to college in the fall. We raised money for her tuition and room and board so she could live on campus.

Now that her position at the college is secure, I’m trying to raise money for her expenses – clothes, textbooks, furnishings for her room, some movie and music money. Yesterday, people donated $700 for the personal expenses fund. My grandmother used to call it walk-a-round money.

It is a wonderful thing to help get this very worthy young woman to the collage of her choice.  She has no car, and communicating daily would have been impossible and exhausting.

She is a brilliant student, and she means to be a doctor. She’ll do it with the help of some very good people.

We also opened up the South pasture this morning for grazing. And it’s warming up. The sky was hauntingly beautiful this morning. I feel happy and strong today.

I haven’t seen the mail yet.

I’m going to see Folasade and Sue Silverstein today at Bishop Gibbons. I’m eager to talk with her and get some new pictures.

If you wish to help – I’m looking for $2,000 more – you can do so via Paypal, [email protected], or  Venmo, Jon-Katz@Jon-Katz-13, or by check,  Folasada Expenses Fund, Jon Katz, P.O. Box 205, Cambridge, N.Y., 12816.

She goes to college in August, a dream comes true for a beautiful human being.

These flowers are small, babies. I don’t know their names, but I love taking their picture.

This morning, we opened up the South pasture, and we had very happy sheep and donkeys. No more hay until October or November.


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