13 November

Snow Came This Afternoon. Misty And Beautiful

by Jon Katz

It started to snow this afternoon just before feeding time. It’s very cold today, warming up tomorrow. As with everything else in the world, the weather never seems to change. I’ll put up my color and light photos and say goodnight. I have a new mystery to read and an older one to finish. Details to come.


The afternoon feed was misty and a little haunting. This is my favorite regular Bedlam Farm photo.


I loved the misty road with the headlights coming. It was Edward Hopperish.

The snow is reminding me that the winter pasture can be just as beautiful as the summer.



Fate stalks Zip, who ignores her and goes to eat some of the dried worms we fed the chicken. Zip has joined the parade of Bedlam Farm animals who pay no attention to find when she tries to tell them what to do. She doesn’t seem to mind. Fate knows how to pose like a herding dog but she has no interest in doing much herding. We love her for her strangeness.


  1. I’m recently new to Bedlam Farm and find myself looking forward to the days journal entry and observations. I have my own ‘Bedlam Farm’ and see myself in many of the everyday chores you so beautifully capture. This life we choose connects us to the land and to all those creatures we share it with. Thank you for sharing.

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