11 February

Color And Light: Tulips For Valentine’s Day, As Promised

by Jon Katz

I love putting up my archive photos of flowers, but it’s a treat to take some photos inside the farmhouse, these are with Tulips I brought Maria for Valentine’s Day. We don’t trade gifts on Valentine’s Day usually, but I think a wife and partner as wonderful as Maria deserves recognition. It’s the small things, yes? See you in the morning. We’re heating to mill our new wool miller. Later. The storm coming Tuesday. Be dry.


  1. Yesterday, I made a guess at what you might give Maria for Valentines Day and I guessed flowers. I am glad to see that I was right. I love being right!! Such a feeling of satisfaction. I see in your future a bird book of those native to your area. In Oklahoma we have many varieties and I love them all. I am worried about the decrease in the birds that are coming to my feeders. I have an Oklahoma Bird book and am learning to identify more birds that come. I believe that you will need to learn to identify the birds as it will help in filing the pics and possibly identify some birds that are not usually found in your vicinity. You will be adding new words to your vocabulary. Here, where I live, the birds do not like the seeded bird feed as much as the black oil sunflower seeds. You may need to check with other bird feeding people in your area and see which your birds like. I also get thistle seed for the finches which I used to have 20-30 come but am reduced to 5-10 now. The thistle seed requires a different type of birdfeeder. Aww, birds, they will open up a completely different world for you. March right in, you will love it.

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