12 February

Get Ready! Come Watch The Daily Baby Goat Show With “Crazy Goat Lady” Cindy Casavant, Presenting At Least 100 Goat Kids (Babies) As They Are Born

by Jon Katz

I’m inviting readers of the blog to join me in a free baby goat show from my friend Cindy Casavant, a goat farmer and master of making great soap. For animal lovers, there are few things more fun and fascinating than seeing some momma goats giving birth and introducing the mothers and the babies in pictures.

The babies are due in two weeks, Cindy is getting started today by posting some photos of the mothers. I’m going to link steadily to the baby’s birth, Cindy’s site is very much worth linking to. The presentation is free, and Cindy and her blog are well worth a visit. She works like a demon and is creative and bold.

This is exciting new turf for me, as well as Cindy. She is shy and not used to promoting herself. This will be a big step for her, a born farm kid who has been farming her whole life. You are invited to come along for the ride.

I have agreed to jointly present (link to regularly) an epoch event in the lives of a goat farmer, the imminent birth of at least 100 baby goats on her Caz Acres farm. Cindy is one of the farm people I met her at the farmer’s market and I have the most respect and admiration for. She and her husband Larry have a goat farm just down the road from us, the work is hard and dirty and demanding seven days a week, 24 hours a day. We’ve visited several times.

She plans to put up a photo of a newborn baby or “kid” every day. Maria says there is nothing in the world cuter than a baby goat.

Goat farming, like all farms, means revenue is always uncertain and unpredictable. Cindy’s idea was to make her very wonderful soap and build up that business so that she and Larry could retire one day like most farmers want to do, but only a few get to do.  They both love farming, but they also want to be able to diversity if they wish once they get older.

I’m putting my money on Cindy. She has a soap-making factory in her basement – I made some soap there last weekend. And sales are already rising rapidly. Maria and I met her at the farmer’s market and we became friends and admirers.

Cindy’s soap is the best I’ve ever used and her sales – wholesale and retail – have been steadily rising. She and I have been talking about her wonderful blog, and I suggested that she put up pictures of her goats and their kids every day or as close as she can get. I told Cindy I thought she needed to put more of herself in her blog, and certainly more pictures of the goats and their babies. That, I said, will draw a lot of curious people to her blog, and hopefully, a lot more soap sales. She agreed. She might hold some open houses on the farm when the babies are born.

The birth of babies is a big event on a goat farm. It means goat milk will flow, wonderful cheese and soaps can be made and shipped, and one of the miracle processes of the agricultural world will be available for all of us to see. I’m psyched.

The baby presentation will be free of course, and I suggested linking to her goat pictures, which she is happy to do. You will get to see this as it happens or seconds later. I like the idea of celebrating the miracles of nature.

I love the idea of supporting people like Cindy, they do well without me, but I think the bagby goat show will be a fun for my readers and perhaps draw more attention to her site and soap operation. As you know, I’m committed to using the blog to do good and recognize worthy people.

Cindy is great fun to watch and follow, she has some great instincts about making her soap operation even more successful, and I’m coming along for the ride to see it when it happens.

I think her goat baby presentation can be a big boost for her and great fun for us. She’s going to start by putting up some photos of her goats on the site today. I’ll also link when the fun starts, but Cindy is always doing something interesting. I’d suggest bookmarking her site for when the babies start. And I’ll be making some noise when it happens. You can check out Cindy the “Crazy Goat Lady,” as she calls herself (she is anything but crazy) today at her website.

Cindy is a fascinating person with a riveting life. Come and see for yourself. I’ll keep you updated. I hope to get to her farm and get some photos myself.


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