1 April

Life Cereal, Sarah’s Pick. We Will Be At The Pantry Early Tomorrow To Unpack The Weekends Delivery (More Just Arrived)

by Jon Katz

I was texting with Sarah Harrington this morning—her supposed day off—when the doorbell rang.

The Amazon truck had arrived with another load of food for the Cambridge Pantry. It was the first of a couple of visits. The drivers are like family to her now; she had cookies and treats waiting for them.

She said she was going into the pantry early to help unload all the boxes that arrived this weekend – see photo above. I volunteered to come in at 8 a.m. and help; it was the least I could do. I shared the news with Maria, and she was eager to join me.

I don’t know how they manage to do all that they do.

I can’t imagine a better thing to do on a Spring morning.

Sarah said her food of the day was a healthy breakfast for children: Quaker Life Multi-Grain Cereal, which comes in three-pack boxes for $11.97.

Since she was supposed to be off today (but wasn’t, of course,) I added my inexpensive item of the day, one just as important as food and as needed.

Dial Antibacterial Bar Soap, Spring Water, 4 oz. 8 bars, $6.47.

That’s two or three weeks of clean and safe hands for a family for less than $7. Thank you.

I also suggest the Alberto Vo5 Extra Body Shampoo, 15-oz pack of 6, $23.94.

You can also browse the updated Amazon Cambridge Food Pantry list.


If you are sending the donations off of Amazon, the correct address for the food is Sarah Harrington, Cambridge Food Pantry, 24 E. Main Street, Cambridge, N.Y. 12816. And Thank you.



  1. Your great work with the Cambridge Food Pantry is really inspiring … and I hope it reminds those in the other parts of the country to donate to their local food pantries, as well. The need is so dramatic and the story you are telling (including your work at the Mansion and with the high school kids) helps remind the rest of us that there is much to do … and much we can do … if we just put our minds to it. Thanks to you and Maria for all you do.

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