20 April

Flower Art, Saturday, April 20, 2024. Spring Getting Closer And Closer. Learning How To Do Nothing.

by Jon Katz

We had our peaceful day; I took a day off from asking for help from the food pantry, and I’ll pick it up again tomorrow.  Our friend Alfreda Gonzalez is having a birthday party, and Maria and I are invited. She says she knows I will take her picture, and that is true.

No farmer’s market is on Sunday; it’s Earth Day or Earth month.

I’m getting my focaccia and seed bread on Tuesday and picking it up at Kean’s Covered Bridge Bread Co. We are thinking about having a gentle and quiet tomorrow like today. I will offer another needed food for the pantry tomorrow.

I look forward to seeing you in the morning. Below are my three flower art photos; the one above is an African Violet.



Calla Beauty

Windowsill Gallery, WJ

A few weeks ago, I got some paper flowers for the Mansion. Aide Robbin dug them out this week, and the residents took selfies of themselves. Above are Claudia and Ruth in their flowers.



  1. oh my….lovely pics as always…and envious of you both attending Birthday party for Alfreda……one of my ALL TIME favorite, beautiful women/ faces you have photographed over the years. May it be a festive Cumpleanos for her! (I have been doing spanish lessons online for 5 yrs and am getting semi- fluent). Why did I ever study german for 4 years in high school? Because….I was young, naive, and had no forethought (do any of us?) as to how much becoming spanish fluent would benefit me here in California in time! I digress……….. Happy Birthday wishes to Alfreda and I look forward to a photo of her beaming face!
    Susan M

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