21 April

Searching For Beauty, Dusk At Bedlam Farm. April 20, 2024

by Jon Katz

I looked out the window Friday and saw the sung break through the clouds at dusk; the light, sky, and forest all blended together beautifully. I saved these photos for this morning; they are a beautiful way to begin Sunday. I don’t remember ever seeing the dark sky and the light at the same time.

In a few minutes, the light was gone.

The rats returned to our kitchen, and we would have crackers hidden under the refrigerator.  Bud will sleep outside of his crate again tonight. All the cracker boxes were on the floor and open.

I loved the sheep against the forest and the apple tree.

The landscape was rich and evocative, more like a painting.

The whole forest in the back lit up.


  1. I am a new fan and am just now reading Running to the Mountain. I usually do a google search of authors I am unfamiliar with and found this blog.
    I wanted to say thank you for an old piece you wrote about the gift of distance with Robin. As a grandmother of 8, I sometimes feel there is something wrong with me that my whole life isn’t wrapped up in my grandchildren. I love them all, but I love my life and don’t need to be with them all the time. Your words validated my feelings. I’m grateful.
    The pictures in this post are beautiful.

    1. Thanks, Beth; I love this message; welcome, stick around..we have fun…Nastiness and cruelty are banned…

      1. What a small world and bit of a coincidence … like Beth I’m a new fan and having read 2 of your books I just read Running to the Mountain which I borrowed from my local library only a day after Beth said she was also reading it. I’m now enjoying A Dog Year. I’m glad I found your work in my search for true to life dog stories. Your books are inspirational and uplifting.

        Running to the mountain: a journey of faith and change
        Author: Katz, Jon.
        Barcode: 31384001754101
        Due: 5/13/2024
        Date: 4/22/2024 2:52 PM
        Thank you for visiting the Lynnfield Public Library!

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