15 May

Bedlam Farm Journal, Wednesday Morning, May 15, 2024. Chess Game, Zip Waiting, Grazing, Swimming, Etc.

by Jon Katz

It’s a rainy, cloudy day. I’m going to the Mansion shortly to bring Sharon her computer tablet, and thanks again for your donations.

There was an overage of $400, and I’ll spend most of it on helping her get the things she needs in her new home. Any money left will go to the Mansion fund. I hope to take a picture of her with the new Android tablet so you can see what you did.

I’m blessed to have the Army Of Good right here alongside me.

The Cambridge Food Pantry’s list has disappeared, and Tide detergent is on the list, which is always in great demand and short supply. I’ll post about that shortly. I spent some time outside with my Monochrome camera; it felt like a black-and-white morning, starting with Zip and ending with a dining room still life.

One of the lovely new things in my life is my friendship with Ian McRae, whom I met as our shearer but who is not one of my closest and most welcome friends.

Ian is not only an accomplished poet but also a warm, intelligent, and kind friend. We play chess once a week (on Saturday, he’s coming to shear our sheep). Last night, we called a draw on two games; I lost the third and won the fourth. It’s great fun; we love playing chess and calling one another a loser. (men, of course.)

Zinnia begins every day with a swim. It’s never too cold for her.

The animals were grazing in the rain.


Still life, tulips, and our still-hanging Christmas angel.


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