15 May

Sarah’s Pantry Choices For Tuesday: Products, Not Food: Diapers ($8.98) and Tide Detergent ($6.99)! Help If You Can.

by Jon Katz

I put some tulips on top because the day here is cloudy and gloomy.  The tulips brightened me up.

Today, Sarah is eager to receive two notoriously hard-to-find products: Tide liquid detergent and Purae Size 6 Eco-Friendly diapers. Both are important.

Number one:  Tide Liquid Laundry Detergent, Hygienic Clean Heavy Duty, Original Scent, 21 Loads, 34 fl.oz., $6.99.

Number Two: Pura Size 6 Eco-Friendly Diapers (29+ lbs), Chlorine-Free, soft Organic Cotton, Sustainable up to 12 Hours of Leak Protection, Allergy UK, 1 Pack of 18 diapers, $8.98.




(Above, Pantry Director Sarah Harrington, in a cold room.)


I’ll never forget the look on one of the pantry mothers’ faces when she saw some Tide sitting on a shelf. “That’s what I always used, ” she said, ” and I miss it.” Hopefully, she’ll have it again in a few days as we respond to Sarah’s request. And thanks again and again.

You can browse Cambridge Pantry’s new Amazon Wish List, updated daily at any time.

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