10 June

Monday Morning At Bedlam Farm. Maria’s Monday Video, A Gorgeous Sky, A Gerbera Daisy

by Jon Katz

I’m posting Maria’s Monday Morning Videos every Monday, and lots of people are thanking me. Maria has a unique perspective on her life on the farm, and I love seeing it, too. It’s calm, sweet, and very real. Monday starts the work week, and her videos are a lovely launch. You can see them on her blog (fullmoonfiberart.com) or every Monday morning.

Thanks for all the nice words about my Gerbera Daisy photos; I loved working on them and might do it again today.


  1. I LOVE Maria’s Monday videos but didn’t always remember to look at them, so I really appreciate that you post them here. I especially love when Fate ‘gets the sheep’, so much joy.

  2. So many beautiful things to see on Maria’s videos. I love how Fate watches Maria closely, waiting for “Get the sheep!” The sheep and donkeys seem to love the routine, it’s soothing to watch them head for the pasture, Zinnia and her happy self running around, Zip and his happy self watching all that’s going on. It’s a beautiful life!

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