10 June

Monday’s Food Pantry Choices From Sarah: Cranberry Juice, $2.92 And Tide Laundry Detergent, $6.99

by Jon Katz

Last week was busy for the Cambridge Food Pantry; a record-breaking number of people needed help feeding their families. Today, we think of the children, mothers, and fathers who clean up. Sarah says the week was so busy they ran out of Cranberry Juice and Tide detergent, among the most popular things on the shelves.

I need these items urgently, and I would greatly appreciate your help.

The need for these items is urgent, and your help is greatly appreciated.

The need for these items is urgent, and your help is greatly appreciated.

Here are the two items she is seeking  help getting back on the shelves:

One: Amazon Brand – Happu Belly Juice Cocktail, Cranberry, Plastic Bottle, 64 Fl.Oz, Single Bottle, $2.92.

Two:  Tide Liquid Laundry Detergent, Hygienic Clean Heavy Duty, Original Scent, 21 Loads, $6.99.

If you wish, please browse the Amazon Cambridge Food Pantry Wish List, it is updated every day. You can find it here. The top two items in the list are the ones above.



One of the most beautiful things I see is kids helping kids.

Students from the nearby Central School come by every week to transfer the backpacks for the kids’ bags to the school so the children of the Pantry families can get some extra food for their children. This inspires me to help out. I hope you can help out also. So far, the Army of Bood has been excellent.

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