9 July

Pantry SOS: Urgent Child Support: Toothpaste, $3.78, Baby Wipes, $11.33, Diapers, $11.49.

by Jon Katz

According to Food America, 13 million children in America live in homes without enough healthy food, or sometimes, much food, and without toothpaste or diapers. We can help this morning.

The more I learn about nutrition and children in America, the more troubled I become. It’s sometimes easy to forget that if the parents can’t afford to buy healthy foods, the children suffer, too.

Sarah and the volunteers at the Cambridge Food Pantry are devoted to feeding children. Their dedication and selflessness in prioritizing the children’s needs are inspiring.

This morning, the issue on the table was not only with food but essential things like toothpaste and diapers (and peanut butter.)

In the morning, usually before dawn, Sarah Harrington is up checking what’s in stock and what is needed. I got a text as the sun came up.

Sarah was alarmed (she doesn’t generally get excited) and said the pantry was entirely out of toothpaste, Baby Wipes, and Size 4 Diapers. None are expensive; all are needed.

I assured her the Army of Good would take a look and do what we could to help.  Like the pantry, we are suckers for helping children.

Here are the three items Sarah  says are urgently needed; there are none left at the pantry:

One: Huggies Natural Care Baby Wipes, Unscented, Hypoallergenic 6 packs (288 Wipes), $11.33.

Two: Colgate Baking Soda & Peroxide Toothpaste, Brisk Mint, 6-ounce pack of 2), $3.78.

Three: Pura Size 4 Eco-Friendly Diapers (18-31 lbs), Hypoallergenic, Soft Organic Cotton, up to 12 hours lead,  (Pack of 1), $11.49.

Sarah and the Pantry workers are extremely sensitive to children’s needs and spring into action when they run out of supplies.

We would greatly appreciate anything we can do to help.

She texted me later to say she had discovered they were completely out of peanut butter. If you have any extra money, please consider sending her some.

I hate to think of families without toothpaste, diapers, or wipes.

Jif Extra Crunch Peanut Butter, 16 Oz (Pack of 12), $34.80.

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