9 July

Beautiful Morning At Bedlam Farm. 100 Degrees This Afternoon. Still Beautiful

by Jon Katz

It was eerily quiet at the farm this morning. The animals seemed to sense it would be brutally hot this morning (100 degrees this afternoon), and I’m beginning to feel it.

There’s no sign of Zip in the heat; he’s probably in the hay loft, hoping to come across a mouse. Maria starts every morning with what I call the Manure Throw. She gets it out of the barn and spreads it out over the pasture—food for next year’s grass.

I’ll be going to the food pantry this morning (around noon) to watch and photograph the pantry truck coming from the food pantry bank in Albany. I love taking photos in the pantry; it’s dripping with emotion and character.

The Manure Thrower


Maria gives Asher a scratch. He is very fond of her.



In the corner, out of the sun.


Garden Bed.




  1. Jon -I think what is happening with the Cambridge Food Pantry is just wonderful and I am happily contributing to it once a week or so. But I have a question: the shipping cost (about 6$ or more) is often more expensive than what is being sent.
    Is there any way that The Army of Good could “partner” with Amazon to reduce the cost of sending much needed supplies to the Pantry?

    1. Thanks, Judith. I appreciate the request, but The Army of Goods contributes only to the food being purchased and sent; I can’t ask them to add shipping; they are spending enough, and we don’t have any cash reserves. All money goes directly to the people who need it; we can’t also help the people who send it. I’m sorry, but the shipping cost is more than the sales cost, and that’s because the items are so inexpensive. Thanks for asking, though. We don’t partner with Amazon, neither does the food pantry, we purchase the items from them because they have everything and send it quickly and they are the least expensive.

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