9 July

The Pantry Asked For Help: Boy, Did They Get Some. They Bless You, We Bless Them. Come And See.

by Jon Katz

Last week, the pantry was in a dire situation with many shelves empty.

The holiday rush and the heat had depleted their supplies, leading to a plea for help. The Army of Good heard the plea and responded—boy, did they.

Amazon boxes started pouring in on Friday and into the weekend and are still pouring in.

I visited the pantry today to take some photos to show you the impact of your contributions. The shelves are filling up, but this is not all of them.

Your support has made a significant difference, and we’re overwhelmed by your generosity. The need is ongoing, and your support is critical. Thank you.

Seeing the abundance of supplies, I was deeply moved, proud, and uplifted by your generosity. This week, there will be no empty shelves, especially when some chunky peanut butter arrives.

The volunteers are working to room for your donations, a problem they are thrilled to have. We love having this problem at the pantry, one that has never been experienced. We all know it will be gone in a week or so, but it will make many families very happy and, yes, hopeful.

It means a great deal to them that people from all over the country know about them, care about them, and are helping them. “I never knew there were people like that,” one of the mothers told me in an e-mail. We are making a difference.

(Note: Sarah doesn’t ever rest on her laurels. This morning, we launched a particular drive for three children’s items – diapers, wipes, toothpaste.  None on the shelf after last week. Take a look,  and help if you can. And thank you for Blessing The Cambridge Food Pantry.


They asked for juices for the children to drink in the heat.

They asked for soup

They asked for different kinds of Ramen.



They asked for chunky peanut butter and grape and cranberry juice.



They asked for rice and pasta, and it’s still coming.


  1. Thank you for showing us the shelves filled with the food items! it’s good to see the impact.

  2. It’s amazing to see the variety and choices people have available at the Cambridge Food Pantry.
    Usually, I drive-thru a church parking lot on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month and get what I call mystery food. The mystery is I never know what will be placed in the trunk of my car. Usually, a couple kinds of fresh veggies, 3 or 4 apples or oranges, a package of dry beans and a 1 lb package of white rice, occasionally some canned tuna, canned green beans, or canned corn. One time I got fresh eggs! But never a choice. I am always grateful for what I receive.

    Today’s distribution was cancelled. Certainly, many other seniors and families who are food insecure were surprised and disappointed. Now we wait until the 4th Tuesday.
    Jon, your Army of Good has blessed so many different people, in so many ways. It is amazing how they respond when realizing how much their help is needed and appreciated.

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