9 July

Flower Art. Today, A Brighter Day For Me, And A Sizzling Hot One. I Worked With Some Bright And Beautiful Flowers

by Jon Katz

When I went out today, it was close to 100 degrees, and I couldn’t remember ever feeling heat like that. There was no sign of Zip or any of our animals. I don’t know where Zip was; the donkeys and sheep were all in the Pole Barn. I spent much of the afternoon at the food pantry, where everyone was unloading food supplies from the truck that goes to the Albany food bank.

I was only out taking photos for half an hour, but it nearly knocked me out.

I’m sorry for all the people struck in the latest hurricane who saw their homes destroyed. They all have my thoughts and my prayers. I’m proud of the photos today. I hope you enjoy them.



I fell in love with this photo when I saw how these flowers merged—an actual photo painting.

An Iris was just what I was looking for.



  1. Wow. Each picture beautiful in its own way. I loved the blending of the colors in the third one. I have to look at each picture several times, drinking in the beauty.

  2. I struggle with words but Mary put it perfectly. I continue to be entranced and amazed. Such beauty. You’ve hit a style all your own. I don’t like the word style – whatever the equivalent would be but with more emphasis on something very unique brought to life and owned by you.

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