10 July

Support For Women Visitors To The Cambridge Pantry. Sanitary Pads ($5.06) Tampax ($5.42). The Women’s Shelf Is Empty. Let’s Fill It

by Jon Katz

Yesterday, we focused on diapers and toothpaste for children. Today, it’s women.

(Above, the empty Women’s Shelf)

Today, Sarah texted me that the shelf reserved for these items was empty, which I saw when I was there. Sarah says the Regional Food Bank typically supplies Tampax and sanitary products; the ads have all been taken by the people coming for food support.

Like the other items, these two are inexpensive, so seeing that shelf full as soon as possible would be wonderful. I appreciate any help you can give us, as would the women who depend on the pantry for these items. That’s something that is very much needed.

A small amount of money could go a long way to make someone comfortable—another small act of great kindness.



Here are the two items on the Pantry Wish List; Sarah put them up Tuesday afternoon:

Ultra Thin Pads with Flexi-Wings for Periods, Extra Heavy Overnight Absorbency, Unscented, Size 5, 24 Count, 1 Pack., $5.06.

Tampax Pearl Tampons Multipack Regular/Super Absorbency, With Leakguard Braid, Unscented, 34 Count. $5.43.

Our strategy of picking a few urgently needed and inexpensive items is working. We are helping people and children in the most basic way.

The Food Pantry Wish List is updated daily and reflects the items and needs that have either been used or that the Cambridge Food Pantry hopes to be able to get from its usual sources or afford to buy but can’t. It is updated constantly. If you see something on the list, it is needed and not available.

Once some items sought are received, Sarah takes them off the list.

The most popular items on the list are always needed.


Sarah is also looking for a popular item in demand: extra chunky peanut butter. You can take a look here and donate  a pack of 12:

Jif Extra Punchy Peanut Butter, 16 Oz, Pack of 12, $34.80.




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