2 October

Mary Kellogg. “Whistling Woman.”

by Jon Katz

Mary does her own lawn

   Mary Kellogg is a beloved friend and something of a hero to me. I wrote in the introduction to her new book “Whistling Woman,” out in a month or so from Bedlam Farm Books and the Troy Bookmakers  that Mary’s gentle ways are misleading.  “Her life and her poetry are a defiant statement about courage, purpose, determination and creativity. And she lives it on her own terms, not in response to the narrow-minded expectations of a society that believes older people should melt away in the sun and await their time.”
  Mary’s time is now, and so is her wonderful poetry.
  My photos are in  Mary’s book along with an introduction, and I can’t imagine a better place for them.
  Here is one of her poems from the new book, “Hollyhock Lady,” along with some nice photos I got of some Hollyhock Ladies Mary made.

  “Did you ever make a hollyhock lady?
   mid summer inspires us to create
   little ladies in whimsical flowing petal skirts
   buds form conical hats
   above purple faces

   she will dance at King Arthur’s Court
   in flowing robe
   that kisses the ground
   as she twirls
   pink and rose
   my hollyhock lady”

   – Mary Kellogg, “Whistling Woman.”

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