7 April

Beautiful Scrubs For The Mansion Aides. Thanks.

by Jon Katz

A couple of weeks ago, Valerie from Maryland e-mailed me to say she used to work in a hospital and had many beautiful used scrubs she thought the Mansion aides might like.

I jumped at that offer, and two huge boxes of used and very clean and neat scrubs arrived today at the farm. Maria ooohed and aaahed at the fabric, and I loved the scrubs.

The boxes are heading to the Mansion tomorrow. The aides are pretty tired; they’ll get a life out of these. Thanks, Valerie.

P.S. The Amazon Wish List put up yesterday sold out. Thanks.


  1. Hi Jon,
    So very welcome for the scrubs. I am so glad that the staff at the mansion can use them! I know Maria will do something cool with the fabric! Didn’t expect to see my name on the blog. Keep up your good work.

    1. Thanks Valerie, Maria says thanks for the fabric, she loves it and Im’ taking the scrubs over now…very kind they are excited already…

  2. I LOVE THIS! bravo for thinking of this place for good looking and good quality used scrubs in good condition and bravo for being willing to do the transportation to the workers!

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