28 November

Bud Goes To The Vet, Dog Support Cranks Up Again

by Jon Katz

Two dog events this morning. Bud went to see Dr. Fariello for his annual check-up (he is six years old now), and my Dog Support Program resumes after a brief holiday hiatus. You can check it out or sign up for some dog help here.

There was no bad news in the check-up. I was pleased to see Dr. Fariello face-to-face again, but I couldn’t speak to her for more than two years due to the pandemic. It was great to catch up.

It’s always an emotional experience for me to go to the Cambridge Valley Clinic. Dr. Fariello put down Orson, Rose, Izzy, Lenore, Frieda, Gus  and Red. She could not have been more supportive or open, or more sensitive.

But there are a lot of echoes for me in that building. She could not have been more loving, considerate or sensitive.


We both had Covid; we talked about how it feels when children go off to college. One of her daughters went away in September.

The good news was that Bud was in “perfect” health, she said, a very long way from when she first saw him three years ago. But trembled a bit, but he is no stranger to veterinary clinics; he stayed calm and patient through a heart room test, two shots, and a nail trimming.

Dr. Fariello saw Bud the day after he arrived from Arkansas, and she has happily followed his return to health. His heart and lungs were great; his blood test was negative, and his weight was perfect. That was great to hear.



(After enduring a lot of poking and prodding, Gus gets his nails clipped. He was uncomplaining.)

It was also great to be able to talk to Dr. Fariello and her staff – Lisa, Cassandra, Nicole, and Sam.  I missed her.

My dogs are very fortunate to have these people right down the road, and I’m happy to say that all three have been checked out,  are taking their heartworm pills, have their tick and flea collars on, and are all in excellent health.

As their steward, that is good to hear.

My Dog Support program is off to a good and meaningful start. A lot of people need some help and guidance with their dogs. So far, I’ve been able to help everyone who asked. I charge $50 per half hour, which will soon go up to $64 per half hour. If you need some help with your dog, register  here. I’ll get back to you with details.



  1. Bud looks like he’s thinking – ok, I’ll behave but let’s just get this over with! He looks so sweet and vulnerable.

      1. Our rescue girl is the same…resigned, and much better if we’re not in the room with her. We still need to do a soft-muzzle, as she has fear aggression from her days wandering the streets of Memphis. Only she knows what happened during those days, and can’t tell us, but she’s eleven now and an absolute sweetheart with us.

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