28 April

Americana: Images Of The Country, A Regular Feature Here

by Jon Katz

My new theory about the troubles in America is that there are too many rich people living in our cities and too many poor people living in the country.

It used to be the other way around, and there was a greater balance in America. The imbalance today just feels too great. For my money there are way too many billionnaires with too much money to spend to spend. They are mucking up our country.

It turns out that most of them are good only at making money. Whenever they try something else, they fall flat on their fat behinds.

City people are easily seen as spoiled and elitist, and country people are seen as bigoted and ignorance.

These are gross generalizations of course, shallow and narrow-minded. ┬áThere are plenty of poor people in cities, and plenty of rich people in the country. But it feels like that’s where we are, if you watch the news.

I love to take photos of what I call beautiful country scenes, scenes that only exist in rural America and that urban people rarely see any longer. Since most of the mainstream media is centered in big cities, we see a lot of urban images.

But unless there is a  murder or train wreck, there are very few country scenes flowing into cities.

I also love taking photos like this. Beautiful country scenes.


  1. Hi. Jon.
    I’m in Bennington this weekend visiting my niece who is at Bennington College.
    I can see similar countryside vistas as we drive between the College and Manchester where we are staying
    I can see why you love it so much.

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