30 September

A Brilliant Artist Lives In My Garden Bed. I Look For His Painting Every Morning. It’s Easier To Spot In The Rain…

by Jon Katz

Poetry is a fresh morning spider-web telling a story of moonlit hours of weaving and waiting during the night. – Carl Sandburg

Every morning after it rains, I look for his her artistry, it is easiest to see when the sun is right behind it or when it catches the raindrops. He (or she) is a fantastic artist; I can hardly believe what he does during the night and how graceful and elaborate it is.

Mother Nature is the most significant art creator on the earth. The spider artist has made his way into my raised garden bed, and I welcome him and thank him for the beauty of his work. Like many artists, life among people is cruel and often short. There are whole shelves of spray cans devoted to killing him.

It rained yet again last night; this web caught my breath. He shows his work all over the earth every day.


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